Backyard Skills Courses! Video

25 Apr 2014Steve Schwarz

As my backyard changed from mud to sparse grass I got the itch to set up a backyard sequence and came up with two “regular” and two “international” sequences and I video taped some of my attempts with Flyer and Petey. The videos show how I handled each one along with Bloopers of me screwing up and a line or two about why.

Here are the “international” sequences:

Backyard Skills International

Here’s video of us running it (warts and all!):

Here are the “regular” sequences and video:

Backyard Skills

If you have a little more room you can space these out a couple feet further to get up more speed. The white international sequence has a challenging turn from 7-8 if you set it up with this spacing :) I hope you have the time and space to play with these they were a lot of fun.

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