Triple Threat Game

18 Jun 2014Steve Schwarz

I learned the Triple Threat drill from Stuart Mah at a seminar last weekend and thought we’d play it in class. The Whatcom Agility Team has a really good explanation of how Triple Threat is played and it’s benefits. In my version you take an unnumbered jump (think Snooker red) then run the numbered sequence, take a different unnumbered jump run the numbered sequence, take the last unnumbered jump run the numbered sequence and end on your first unnumbered jump.

The handler should continue no matter what goes wrong - just eventually get back to the correct sequence without stopping and keep going. This keeps you thinking and is good practice for saving a run and especially for building your dog’s confidence in your leadership. In a trial if you’ve been disqualified you might as well keep working on the rest of the course’s challenges!

The nice thing about repeating the numbered sequence is you can build a rhythm for handling it and if you don’t like how you handled part of it one time you get two more tries to clean up or change your handling. Lastly, since you have three different approaches to jump 1, you start the sequence slightly differently which does change the handling slightly.

Here’s the layout for my Intermediate group:

Intermediate Triple Threat Course

I moved the unnumbered jumps a little and added jump 8 for my Masters group:

Masters Triple Threat Course

I know not everyone likes to play agility “games”; this is an easy one, not a lot of strategy involved, and it was fast and fun for the handlers and the dogs!

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