Protect Your (Jump) Feet!

14 Apr 2013Steve Schwarz

I was looking over my jumps after the winter and saw that a couple had cracked and broken end caps. Water had collected in the based of the jumps and when it froze it applied enough pressure to break the caps:

Broken Jump End Cap

Broken jump cap end

So I thought I’d pass along a simple tip to keep this from happening to you. Drill a couple “weep holes” in the bottom of the center connector and in one or more at the bottom of the cap on the feet:

Drilling Weep Holes

Drill hole in center connectorDrill hole at bottom of foot cap

They will allow water to drain and not collect:

Water Draining From Weep Holes

By the way I use caps on all the ends of my jumps so if they were knocked over the rough edges will be covered and be less dangerous for the dogs.

You can also drill holes along the under side of the jump legs to help water drain out.

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