Protect Your (Jump) Feet!

14 Apr 2013Steve Schwarz

I was looking over my jumps after the winter and saw that a couple had cracked and broken end caps. Water had collected in the based of the jumps and when it froze it applied enough pressure to break the caps:

Broken Jump End Cap

Broken jump cap end

So I thought I’d pass along a simple tip to keep this from happening to you. Drill a couple “weep holes” in the bottom of the center connector and in one or more at the bottom of the cap on the feet:

Drilling Weep Holes

Drill hole in center connectorDrill hole at bottom of foot cap

They will allow water to drain and not collect:

Water Draining From Weep Holes

By the way I use caps on all the ends of my jumps so if they were knocked over the rough edges will be covered and be less dangerous for the dogs.

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