Are We Qualified for Nationals Yet?

22 Apr 2013Steve Schwarz

That is the question many competitors ask throughout the year in their agility venue(s) of choice and you can use Agility Record Book to easily answer that question. I’ve written about ARB before and have used it for ages to track Milo and Meeker’s runs. It is a really nice piece of donationware software that runs on Windows and Mac OSX (but not mobile/tablet devices - but you could export/import to/from spreadsheets to those devices).

I just started using the filtering feature to make it easy to see if Meeker has qualified for AKC and USDAA nationals.

Default Views

Here is the main screen with the Runs tab selected which shows all venues and all runs by default:

Here is the Points summary tab where I’ve scrolled to show all of Meeker’s AKC results:


I’m going to create one custom filter to make it easy to view my AKC qualifying runs for the 2014 Nationals and another filter to quickly switch back to the default view.

  1. Press F7 or select Options from under the View menu.

You’ll get this dialog:

  1. First I'll save the default settings. I've entered a name called Default for the default options.
  2. Click the Save button to store this filter.
  3. Enter a name for your custom filter i.e. AKC 2014.
  4. Select View dates in range (inclusive) and enter your qualifying period date range.
  5. Select View only Qualifying runs.
  6. Select View only and choose your organization.
  7. Click the Save button to store this filter.

Here’s how I configured the 2014 AKC Nationals qualifying filter:

#. Click OK to apply the selected filter

Here is the filtered Runs screen:

Here is the filtered Points screen - this screen is the most useful way to see your total Qs, Speed points, and total QQs for the qualifying period:

To switch back to the default view:

  1. Press F7 or select Options from under the View menu.
  2. Select the Default filter
  3. Click OK

I’ve created another filter for the USDAA qualifying scores for this year’s Cynosport Games. Have you used ARB filters in other ways to make your agility life easier?

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