Challenging Big & Small Courses

26 Apr 2013Steve Schwarz

My class course this week was inspired by the two jump, A Frame, tunnel discrimination in one of Eduard Bonet’s European Open qualifier courses. I also put together four small space exercises based on this challenge for your home fun.

Here is Eduard’s course:

Eduard Bonet Standard Agility Course

Full Course

Here’s my class course containing his jump, A Frame, tunnel challenges (use the black circled numbers to switch things around):

Full Size Class Course

Full Course
Obstacle Legend

Here are some handling suggestions:

I was hoping to video Meeker running this course after I set it up, but the traffic was so bad I barely had time to dream this up and set it before my students arrived. So I’ll leave it to you to offer up a video! Please do!

For those who want to work on the “interesting” part at home here are four small space sequences you can play with:

Small Space Sequences

Small Space Course 1Small Space Course 2Small Space Course 3Small Space Course 4


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