Save Your Grass From Your Weaves

18 Jun 2020Steve Schwarz

Every summer I end up killing multiple weave pole base shapes in my lawn:

Dead Grass Under Weave Poles
Dead Grass Under Weave Poles

My tip is to “tip” your weave poles on their side:

Weaves Flipped on Edge
Weaves Flipped on Edge

Then only the edge of the weave pole base and the poles themselves touch the ground and won’t kill the grass.

When you tip them back up (lift the poles while standing on the weave pole side so there is no chance the poles would hit you) they’ll be in the original position you placed them.

Be aware of the weave pole base’s legs sticking up. This might not be appropriate for your situation if people or dogs could walk/run into the upturned weave pole bases.

Always supervise your dogs when they are around your agility equipment (my unattended equipment safety thoughts).

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