Seal Skinz Waterproof Socks

23 Aug 2006Steve Schwarz

SealSkinz Socks

Socks? you might ask. Yep socks. I was just miserable during a rain soaked three day agility seminar with squishy shoes and many changes of socks a couple years ago. I was whining about cold, wet feet (the water was deep enough in spots to come in over the top of your shoes) to Jen Pinder and Dana Pike and without hesitation they said “Get SealSkinz socks”.

So Nancy got me a couple pairs for Christmas and I’ve been a big fan of SealSkinz Waterproof Socks ever since. Basically, they are a lightweight neoprene outer shell with a wicking liner. At the time I got mine they only came in a “stylish” black mid calf length (unfortunately fitting the Agility “Nerd” moniker too). But hey, I’m old enough to not care about fashion, it is all about comfort. They seem to have more styles than they did when Nancy got mine. Last I looked these socks aren’t cheap, around $30 US a pair, but I only need a couple pairs. They are hand washable and dry quickly.

This time of year, when there is a lot of dew on the grass in the morning, I put on these socks and my beat up running shoes when I take Meeker out to play in the yard and my feet stay dry even if my shoes are squishing water out the ventilation holes. So if there was such a thing as an “AgilityNerd Recommended Product” this would be one.

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