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The terms Over-Come, Go-Come and Yo-Yo are used to describe both a handling maneuver and an obstacle sequence. They are special cases of a Jump Wrap Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap. The Over-Come involves sending the dog over a jump and turning the dog tightly around the jump upright and back in the general direction from which it came. The jump is often located off the general flow of the course. The longer distance of the obstacle from the flow is what causes the distinction to be made from a basic Jump Wrap.

Since it is off the flow there is no benefit in the handler “escorting” the dog to the jump just to come back from the jump and into the course flow. Consequently, handlers send their dogs to the jump and immediately call their dogs back to them. So the first two names for this are made up of the commands given to the dogs to perform the obstacle. I first heard Yo-Yo from Rachel Sanders and it also sums up the maneuver of sending your dog away from you just to have you dog come right back.

The prevalence these jumps in courses is causing some handlers to train a command specifically for their performance. The idea being to send the dog to perform the Over-Come jump while the handler moves on the next obstacle(s) in the main course flow.

The direction the dog is wrapped is usually up to the handler’s discretion and is influenced by the course flow. The diagram below shows two Over-Comes within a course sequence: one at jump 2 and another at jump 8.

Over-Come at Obstacle 2 and at Obstacle 8

Over-Come Sequence 1

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