Lori Michaels: Running with Blinds or blindly running?

28 Jun 2012Steve Schwarz

Earlier this year I was blogging a lot about Blind Crosses and Jump Wrap Blind Crosses (aka Ketschker or Ass Pass). I’ve been using them to stay ahead of my dog and to tighten a wrap in places where I would previously have done a Shoulder Pull. In my blog I’ve mostly focused on the mechanics of performing the Ketschker and showing their application in various situations.

Agility trainer and national/international competitor Lori Michaels recently posted an excellent article titled: Running with Blinds or blindly running?. She gives great examples of using Blind Crosses as they are being used internationally and, perhaps more importantly, how they are used inappropriately.

So if you are coming to grips with how Blind Crosses are being used more broadly or looking for a balanced analysis I highly recommend Lori’s article.

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