Get Email and RSS Updates of USDAA News and Events

19 Oct 2009Steve Schwarz

A number of months ago I made a request via the USDAA email list for an RSS feed for the News and Events page.

That page is updated with generally useful information a couple times a month and I don’t know anyone who remembers to check it. The response I received was my request would be passed along; looking at the recent updates to their website so far no RSS feed is yet available.


So I was going to write some software to extract the links from the page so I could create an RSS feed so anyone who was interested could be informed of new USDAA news items. Turns out there are free services that provide just what I needed: Feed43 made extracing the news story titles and links trivial and Feedburner made providing the RSS and email subscriptions easy.


Enough talk!

Hopefully the USDAA will provide these feeds soon.

If you are an AKC competitor you might also be interested in a similar service for the AKC website.

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