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15 Jan 2010Steve Schwarz

I recently ran across Jessica’s Agility Engineer Blog and thought other agility enthusiasts should know about it. She has a lot of good information in her posts including handling approaches for Snooker and Gamblers and analyses of a number of USDAA courses. You know I’m always interested in that kind of thing.

She also has a couple good rants in articles like: What Next? Drag your dog’s corpse around a course?, and Pairs Rules, Here’s what I hate about pairs: my partner. It is my fear of being the kind of person she doesn’t want as a pairs partner that makes me only enter when I need the leg to get to the next title.

Ever had trouble figuring out how many obstacles you can take in the allotted time in Snooker or Gamblers? I was intrigued by her discussion of using your dog’s Magic Number to find the best obstacle sequence to take. I hadn’t heard of that strategy before. In Gamblers I’ve always looked at the opening time relative to our time running a Standard course and just kind of winged it with my plan ending up with me near the start of the gamble/joker. I try to leave some unused obstacles on which I can kill time until the whistle goes off. I’d like a less ad hoc planning method so I think I’ll figure out Meeker’s magic number and give it a try at our next trial.

Jessica has been on a hiatus from Agility Engineer lately and I’m hoping she’ll find a little time to update it with some more of her thoughts.

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