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17 Jun 2010Steve Schwarz

Pretty much every day the website Aylen Duvarod & El Hechizo Ypsilon adds an update containing links to agility blog articles, videos, forum posts, and website updates from all around the world. I’m always impressed with the breadth of sites from which they find information.

It is not flashy, kind of a “facts and nothing but the facts” list of links with descriptions for each day. It is primarily a Spanish language site but they kindly provide their update page in Spanish and in English.

The website also includes pages with many other links to courses (Pistas), videos, event calendars and other agility information. I’ve found it pretty helpful to use the Google translate toolbar to quickly translate pages on this site and some of the non-English pages to which it links.

So check out Aylen Duvarod & El Hechizo Ypsilon, you might want to add it to your agility reading list.

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