Walking Dogs On Grass

10 May 2007Steve Schwarz

This time of year when I’m walking Meeker early in the morning the air is cool, humid and lately it has been fragrant with lilac and lily of the valley. So it is nice to walk in the cool quiet of the morning. But as we were walking along smelling the smells this morning I was hit with the distinctive smell of chemical fertilizer coming from the lawns in parts of the neighborhood. This smell reminded me of a great dog health tip Nancy told me.

She told me if you walk your dog on grass, choose the grass with weeds in it. If there are weeds you are less likely to encounter weed killer and other lawn treatment chemicals. While all the lawn chemical companies and lawn services claim these chemicals are harmless to people and animals after a short time, I’d just as soon try to avoid contact with them.

So while this isn’t a foolproof method for avoiding exposing your dog to lawn chemicals (staying home would be the best method) maybe this tip will help reduce their exposure.

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