LED Lighted Hat

20 Dec 2007Steve Schwarz

Nancy got me a hat with a small built in light a couple months ago and I use it so much this time of year that I thought I’d write up a little review.

A year ago I posted some other links for reflective dog apparel to help being seen when walking in the dark winter mornings and nights.

The hat is made by Boss and is called the G2 LED Head-Lite. The light is built into the front of the hat. It is an LED that is powered by a pair of replaceable watch batteries. You turn the light on and off by pressing on the light itself, like a push button. That design means I can leave it off and turn on the light when needed with a single push on the front of the hat. So it only takes one hand to operate the light. The light beam is a cool blue and while not blindingly bright it will illuminate a spot two or three feet across at a distance of about 6 feet.

Even though it is a little “worn” looking I took a picture of my hat in my new Light Box. When you look at the hat the light isn’t all that noticeable at first glance; but I don’t really care one way or another, I only wear it when I’m walking the dogs. It turns out to be really handy for picking up after the dogs in the dark. It is also helpful for trimming the dog’s nails - although a more powerful headlamp works better.

G2 Lighted Hat

Boss G2 Lighted LED Hat

So while there is a bit of a “dork” factor in wearing this hat it is pretty handy on dark morning and night walks.

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