Jimmy Does A Magic Trick

02 Jun 2007Steve Schwarz

Nancy “channelled” Meeker (aka Jimmy) and recounts his adventure running into the next agility ring while another dog was running the course at class a few weeks ago.

Hi! My name is Jimmy. I live with my Dad in a house with a big yard. I am a rescue dog. My Dad says that is because my first family probably needed to be rescued from me. I’m not sure what he means by that, but he smiles when he says it.

I really like squirrels, and cars, and things that move fast. Especially dogs.

My Dad takes me to agility class every week. Agility is a fun game where I get to run around a room filled with all sorts of obstacles like jumps and tunnels with my Dad.

My Dad keeps telling me that there is only supposed to be one person and one dog on the course at one time. Although he is a nice guy, he does not always know what makes for the best fun and besides, sometimes other dogs might need some help with their obstacles.

There is nothing more fun than running after my brother on a course and hollering out what the next obstacle is. He doesn’t seem to appreciate my efforts at all, but I will keep trying and I am sure he will thank me one day. My Dad also does not seem to appreciate my efforts and has even put me in my crate ‘so I won’t be so helpful’. It is hard to be so misunderstood but I will keep trying.

One day at class I noticed one of my friends on the course with his Mom. It sure looked like he was having fun. I thought it would be even more fun if I ran along with him. Since my Dad is sometimes a bit of a sorehead when I help my friends, I waited until he was looking the other way and hopped over the fence.

What fun! I followed my friend Jack over a jump. His Mom didn’t even notice! She told Jack to go into the chute and he ran through with me close behind. Because Jack’s legs are so much shorter than mine, I passed him in the chute and popped out the other end with a big ‘Ta Daaaa’!

Boy was Jack’s Mom surprised. She said it must have been a magic chute seeing as how she sent in Jack and got Jimmy on the other end.

‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!’ I told my admiring audience as my Dad carried me off the course. As I feared, he did not appreciate my clever trick at all and even put me in my crate. It is hard to be so misunderstood but I will keep trying.

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