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23 Aug 2009Steve Schwarz

After I added AgilityNerd to Twitter and Facebook I was trying to find a way to update this website with quick posts and links. I wanted people reading the blog via email or RSS readers to have the same information as people on the social networks. But I also didn’t want to have those short posts overwhelm my longer articles.

After some thought I decided to switch to the magazine style of blog where there is a “featured article”. If you are on the website you’ll see my first change in that direction. There is now a “Featured Article” title and a light grey box surrounding the first article on the front page which will always be the featured article. Once you scroll past that article you’ll find the “Recent News” section which contains all the articles. So any non-featured articles and links will always appear in the Recent News section. Once there is a new Featured Article the old one will show up in date order along with all other posts.

Once I made the change I created back dated posts for the links I’ve posted to Twitter and Facebook so those should now be visible to blog readers too.

I’m hoping to completely revamp the blog by going to a two column layout where the Featured Article is on the left and the Recent News is on the right. I’ll then move all the categories, comments, and adds to the bottom of the page. Something like The Apple News.

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