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19 Aug 2009Steve Schwarz

If you are one of the many Facebook or Twitter users you can now follow everything that goes on here at AgilityNerd within those networks.

I've added graphics for each to the right menu on every page just click them to get to the AgilityNerd pages. As I mentioned in my 5 year birthday article Twitter and Facebook will get a post each time I post here and I'll also post when I run across any interesting links or snippets of information. I still haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that within the blog so folks using RSS readers will get the same information and without pushing longer articles off the "front page" of the blog. I have a couple ideas that I'll try out over the next couple of weeks. I've updated my subscription page with these new options.

I also added some new links to the bottom of every article that make it really easy for anyone to share an AgilityNerd article via email or on any social networking site. Just hover over the orange box with the plus sign or the word “Share” to get a menu of options. Or you can click on the little icons next to it to quickly email, print, share on Twitter or share on Facebook. It’s the first time I’ve used this service and I’d like to hear from you if it works as you’d expect.

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