Dearlove Intermediate Class - Get To Your Spot

29 Aug 2004Steve Schwarz

I designed this practice course so Dearlove’s intermediate handlers could work on running a little longer course, chain some skills together, and start thinking about places they have to be on a course. This course contains a variation of an interesting sequence from Dana Pike’s run throughs on Aug 15th.

Course With Obstacle Numbers

I didn’t put it on the course, but imagine a start/finish line at the bottom of the course. Here are the handling issues I was thinking about when I designed this course:

    Jumps 1-3
  • Jumps 1-2 with the dog on the handler's left and rear cross jump 3
  • Or lead out to Jump 1 and pull the dogs through jumps 1-3 on the handler's right. I'm skeptical this will work for a fast, driving dog
    Remainder of the Course
  • Run to a point past jump 6 and pick up the dog on the handler's right
  • Lead out from the table half way to jump 6
  • Front cross over jump 6 to handle jumps 7-8 on the handler's right
  • Run to get in position to front cross on the landing of jump 8
  • Rear cross jump 10 - I think this is the only way this will work
  • Run to a position between jumps 12 and 13 and handle the closing on the right

I hope this course gets the handlers moving!

For another course using the same setup please see this article.

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