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25 Jan 2009Steve Schwarz

I’m really excited.

I just added a Map Search feature to Googility. So now you can enter an address into the search box and all the agility businesses, clubs, ring rentals, and equipment suppliers nearby will be displayed on the map. Then you can click on a result and get driving directions to that location. I’ve wanted to create this feature ever since I learned about Google Maps.

So I want to tell everyone about this new feature but I have a dilemma. When I first started Googility I was only interested in collecting website addresses so I could have really good Google searches. Now that I’ve added this map search feature there are a couple hundred entries for trainers, businesses, and clubs in the Googility database without street addresses. So those places don’t show up on the map. This is where I hope you can help.

If each reader of this blog would spend a couple minutes and enter the

street and email addresses (or any other information) for one or two of theseentries the new map search would contain all the entries in the database. I wrote a web page that lists the sites that seem to need more information.

Please drop me an email with any defunct sites or any questions: steve at

I’ve been chipping away at these sites and have been updating entries little by little, but I’d really appreciate some help. Once more of the addresses have been entered I’ll announce the updated site to all the agility email lists.

Thanks so much for helping!

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