It Takes a Foot of Snow and Three Days...

16 Jan 2009Steve Schwarz

Last weekend it snowed heavily and the backyard was filled with almost a foot of snow. I was off work on Friday so all three dogs were tearing around in the snow for the extended weekend. Being youngsters Meeker and Petey were pretty excited to chase each other around. The video we took last year could have been recorded last weekend too. Now that he is 10 we have to watch out for Milo over doing it, since he is always willing to go chase a Go-Frrr ball in the snow even if he is exhausted.

The irony was the two youngsters were napping and then Milo would get up and start bouncing a tennis ball to get our attention. Since he is a BC he would bounce it continuously for minutes at a time. Also any time you moved around the house he would race to the back door, trying to “will” us to take him out.

Well finally Sunday afternoon it was even too much for Milo and he fell asleep on one of Meeker’s beds. He looked so cute lying there. I really wanted to take a picture of him but if I moved he’d wake up and hoist himself up, ready for action. So Nancy grabbed a scrap of paper and did a quick sketch of him. I liked her sketch so much I scanned it so I could share it with you:

Sketch of Milo Sleeping
Copyright Nancy Nakagawa

It may “take a village” to accomplish some things but it takes a lot to tire out Milo.

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