CPE - For Your Canine - 30-Nov-2008

09 Dec 2008Steve Schwarz

Two weekends ago I decided to do a day of show entry at

For Your Canine's Sunday CPE trial. Meekerneeded one of each of Snooker, Colors, Wildcard, and two Full House legs to complete his Level 3 titles. There were Standard, Wildcard, and Snooker courses offered on Sunday. The judge was Lee Ann Zerbian who kindly filled in for the original judge who blew off the trial.

Our first run was Level 4 standard and for some reason I pulled off on the approach to the A Frame and Meeker went with me and into the off course tunnel. I gave him a “good dog” for his correct behavior for my cues and we completed the course. He had a nice running A Frame with the wrap into the tunnel.

Our next run was Level 3 Wildcard. Wildcard is a short standard style course with three places where you choose one of two obstacles. Depending on your level you take one or two of the more difficult obstacles. The opening was two jumps with a right angle to the weaves for our 2pt option, Meeker reads the Rear Cross Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross right on his rear as a tight turn very well so I used that to send him into the weaves and avoid the off course jump. The only sticky part was tire to double to weaves where the double was offset from a straight on weave entry. I decelerated on the approach to the double to cue collection ahead of the jump so he wouldn’t overshoot the weave approach. He jumped collected and I over did the delay in moving forward because he actually turned almost 180 degrees back to me so I ended up Rear Crossing the weave approach.

We had a great Snooker run. A big thanks to Robin for an even better maximum point strategy than my original plan. The seven point obstacle was a set of six weave poles. So we opened with a wrap Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap on a red jump to get past another red to a steep acute angle

Off Side Weave entry (moving from the end of the weaves toward the entry). Then another jump wrap and back straight on to the weaves. One final jump wrap to the weaves and then a long run to the closing sequence. It wasn't that hard a course, but I stayed more attentive and kept Meeker's attention when we were moving past off course obstacles. The highlight of my weekend.

So for the first time I figured out Meeker’s titles… he is: Meeker CL3-R CL3-S SSA SJ SG.

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