Agility Jump Height Calculator

31 Oct 2016Steve Schwarz

Lately there have been a lot of discussions about jump heights due to the USDAA adjusting some of their jump heights. That got me thinking that it would be helpful to create a chart to let competitors visually compare the jump heights and dog height cutoffs for the primary US organizations and their competition programs. Of course once I did that I figured out that it wouldn’t be much more work to automatically calculate a dog’s jump height when you type in your dog’s height at the withers.

Try it out:

Calculate Your Dog's Jump Heights

So here’s what my jump height calculator page looks like:

Web page screen shot showing bars for each organization's jump heights.

It should work for most modern browsers, phones, and tablets. Although the graph may get “scrunched” on small phone screens. Please let me know if you have any problems or find any errors.

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