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24 Oct 2008Steve Schwarz

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to attract readers who are kind enough to share their experience in the comments on my articles. But I’ve sometimes missed reading and replying to comments for longer than I’d like.

So I’ve spent some time writing a little program to add a comment feed to the blog that lets us all follow the comments posted on my articles. It includes the article name in the title and the content of the comment in the body of each entry. The site’s comments are scanned hourly for any changes and the feed is updated to include the ten latest comments.

This should be a relatively low volume feed but I think being able to keep up with the comments in Google Reader will be good for me and I hope useful for you too. It might also be useful for anyone posting a comment to know when I or someone else has added to the discussion.

So here is the link to new the AgilityNerd Comment Feed:

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