It's Looking (Tag) Cloudy

21 Aug 2012Steve Schwarz

Well I’ve finally updated this blog with a feature I’ve wanted for years: tagging. If you aren’t familiar with the term, tags are words/categories associated with a blog article to help readers find other articles on the similar topic(s). I’m hoping tags will help readers by providing another way to navigate the 400+ articles on this blog.

I spent time this past weekend writing some software to search through all my articles and pick out links and categories and then build a tag cloud. A tag “cloud” is an arrangement of tag names where a tag’s size is determined by the number of articles containing them. Each tag name is a link to a listing of articles containing that tag. Here is the AgilityNerd blog tag cloud:

When you click a tag word you’ll be taken to a new page where I’ve placed the title and an excerpt of every article containing that tag word; sorted with the newest articles first. On that page I’ve also listed all the other tags below each article to give you more of a hint of the article’s content. I’ve added this cloud to the side bar of each page of the blog and it updates each time I add a new article to the blog.

One day I’ll have tag links display on every article, along with links to related articles.

So I hope you’ll discover some interesting articles by flying through the tag cloud!

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