Flyer's and My Emotional Journey to the 2021 USDAA Cynosport Veterans All Around

29 Oct 2021Steve Schwarz

After two years of rehabilitation Flyer got the OK to run in the USDAA Cynosport Veterans Team Event and, even with a few bumps in the road, it was a dream come true. I've included all the course maps and videos of our runs at the big event.


Weave entries/exits from Courtney Keys' UKI Midwest Cup Masters Series Jumpers

01 Oct 2021Steve Schwarz

Handlers were really challenged by Courtney Keys' UKI Midwest Cup Masters Series Jumpers course. Specifically, the weave entry/exit was tough for a lot of teams. I created four smaller variations of her course to work on in your training.


Weaving is Hard Work!

18 Sep 2021Steve Schwarz

I think we underestimate what dogs have to do physically to run through the weave poles. I've got some great photos that demonstrate all that is going on.


Leveling You Jumps

22 Aug 2021Steve Schwarz

A quick tip for leveling your jump uprights on uneven ground.


Small Space Jump Slice Sequences

01 Aug 2021Steve Schwarz

I was working on slice approaches to the front and back sides of jumps. I created six small space sequences so you can work on them too!


Hack for Organizing Your Dogs' Agility Entry Info

11 Jun 2021Steve Schwarz

I share a super simple hack for storing your dog's info for filling out trial entry forms.


Practice Sequences Inspired by the 2021 AKC NAC Finals

29 May 2021Steve Schwarz

I've created six practice sequences in three different sized obstacle layouts to let you practice the closing sequence and a lot of different handling skills. You can practice front/rear/blind crosses, jump wraps, serpentines, threadles, and back sides in these sequences!


Handling the 2021 AKC NAC Finals Closing Sequence

28 May 2021Steve Schwarz

I set up the closing sequence of the 2021 AKC NAC Finals course and handled it all the ways I could imagine and video taped them. See what worked best for Snap! and me and some handling options you can practice at home.


PVC - Screw It Don't Glue It!

10 May 2021Steve Schwarz

Screwing together PVC and fittings holds the pieces together and gives you the ability to replace any cracked/broken pieces and the flexibility to redesign your obstacles in the future.


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04 May 2021Steve Schwarz

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