Dearlove Nested Class Course - June 13 & 27 2005

10 Jun 2005Steve Schwarz

These sequences are inspired by courses I ran at the Memorial Day weekend Dana Pike, Jen Pinder, and Rhonda Carter Camp. They allow Beginner students to work on Rear Crosses Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross into the tunnel, Rear Crosses on the flat, and some jump sequencing. Intermediate handlers open with a four jump Serpentine Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence and end with a 180 into a Pin Wheel. The Advanced teams open with a Serpentine/Pin Wheel sequence and ends with a four jump Serpentine; it should be fun to run!

Course Setup

Beginner Class

Beginner Course Sequence
  1. Introduce Front Cross on the flat
  1. Front Crosses
  2. Rear Crosses
  3. Stays/Lead Outs

Intermediate Class

Intermediate Course Sequence

Have the handlers walk the course and run it once without a specified handling. Then have them run it again with the following handling suggestions:

  • Can you handle jumps 1-4 with the jumps on the right? Or jumps 1-2 on the right and then Rear Crossing on the landing of jump 2, and again on the landing of jump 3
  • Get in position between jumps 6 and 7 and pick the dog up from the tunnel
  • Kick the dog out over jump 9 and Front Cross over jump 10 (dog on take off side, handler crossing on the landing side) to get into the "pocket" of the Pin Wheel. Is that a tighter course than using a Post Turn between jumps 9-10, followed by a Rear Cross to jump 11?

Advanced Class

Advanced Course Sequence

As usual have the handlers walk and run it anyway they like. Then consider the following options for obstacles 1-6:

  • Post Turn 2-3 followed by Rear Cross between 3-4. Then Post Turn 4-6 and Rear Cross 5-6
  • Lead Out to the take off side of jump 3. Then Post Turn through the Pin Wheel and Rear Cross to the tunnel. Should be faster to Front Cross between 4-5.

Lateral Lead Out between 9-10 on the Handler Line Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross LineUsing the Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross Line. Or would a Lead Out to the landing of jump 10 provide more information to the dog for a tighter wrap of jump 10?

Need a good send to the tunnel to get ahead of the dog for the four jump Serpentine. Can you get in position to handle the Serpentine with the dog on the handler’s right the whole way?

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