USDAA Steeplechase - Six Sequences

01 Nov 2008Steve Schwarz

I was taking a look at the USDAA Cynosport Games courses and decided to come up with sequences based the Steeplechase Semi-Finals course layout. I recreated the course layout in CRCD and posted the original and five other sequences below. The original sequence is

here. I wanted to work Meeker at speed and especially work on his A Frame. I was just able to squeeze this sequence into my backyard. I video taped the six sequences and hope to post a video soon (handling warts and all) Update: I've posted the video here.

Original Steeplechase Sequence

Original Steeplechase Sequence
Obstacle Legend

I thought this sequence was fast and mostly straightforward, but then again running on your home turf is a whole different experience than competing at the big event! Lead out on the Front Cross Line Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross LineUsing the Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross Line between jump 2 and the weaves. Serpentine Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence to the tunnel. Get your dog’s head coming out of the tunnel and Rear Cross Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross on the take off side of jump 9 to the A Frame. Front Cross on the landing side of 13 (in the real time video on the USDAA site I was surprised to see folks running to get to the take off side for the Front Cross - the one’s I saw dropped the bar). I was able to fade the weaves to get to the landing side of the double, don’t think I’d have the guts to do that in a competition where I was looking for a Q :^)

Sequence 2

This is just a reversal of the original sequence. I never got around to building my double jump (I’ve had the parts for 2 years) so if you have one you’ll have to reverse the double. You can “hogback” the broad jump (which won’t be allowed next year in USDAA) instead of turning it. You can use a four jump Lead Out if you have one in the opening. Or run and Rear Cross or for the fleet of foot Front Cross. The push out around the jump before the A Frame takes some hustle. Getting past the tunnel and crossing for jump 18 is fun too.

Steeplechase Sequence 2

Sequence 3

I really liked this sequence. Two jump Lead Out into a big Pin Wheel to the tunnel. Then it is “around the horn”, a big flowing line to the weaves. Then straightforward to the tunnel. Need to push out to the back side of the jump before the A Frame (hustle :^). Then run and thread past the tunnel entrance and off course double to the exit.

Steeplechase Sequence 3

Sequence 4

I liked this one too (if I do say so myself). A big flowing six jump curve to the weaves. Then Front Cross at the end and I Front Crossed again on the landing side of jump 9 to turn Meeker into the tunnel. Then the same sequence as the original through the A Frame. This time take the dog past the tunnel. A Post Turn Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn into the tunnel and then picked him up coming out of the tunnel on my right. Cued a collected Jump Wrap Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap over 18 and turned to the final jump.

Steeplechase Sequence 4

Sequence 5

Similar opening to sequence 4, this time I Front Crossed on the landing side of jump 5 and turned Meeker to the weaves. I kept him on my left all the way to the tunnel and I kept going and talked to him while he was in the tunnel so he would turn right on the exit. Then I Front Crossed the entrance to the tunnel so he would be on my right when he came out on the way to the broad jump. Then it is Rear Cross to the A Frame and dog on left to the exit.

Steeplechase Sequence 5

Sequence 6

Lead out to between 2 and 3. Handle with dog on left into the tunnel and again pick him up on my left coming out of the tunnel. Then it is either stay dog on left all the way to jump 13 or you could Front Cross 7 to 8 and then Rear Cross 9 to 10 (most of the time putting in a cross just to take one out isn’t such a good idea - but it does have more handler movement coming around the turn to 8). I Front Cross wrapped jump 11 so Meeker would be on my right from 12 through the weaves. I got ahead of him at the weaves and Front Crossed over jump 16 so he would be on my left all the way to the exit.

Steeplechase Sequence 6

Enjoy! Let me know if you give these a try.

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