New Jump Box Sequence Generator

26 Oct 2010Steve Schwarz

One reason I created AgilityCourses was to have a place to experiment with software I’ve had in mind for generating practice courses and to do so in a way that works for home and mobile users.

After creating my Blank Course Generator I decided to rewrite my page for generating custom Jump Box drills The Jump Box in Course DesignBox/Hobday Box/Jump Box/Jump SquareJump Box DrillsDo It Yourself Box Jump SequencesDouble Box Sequence GeneratorDouble Box SequencesJump Box Drill GeneratorNew Jump Box Sequence GeneratorStar Box Sequence GeneratorStar Box Sequences.

The Box is a nice setup since it only takes four jumps and a small amount of space. But you can do a lot of handling with it. I wrote the generator because it generates sequences that you might not otherwise try, it is easy to get “stuck in a rut”. We tend to repeat the things we know and like instead of moving out of our comfort zone.

The NEW Jump Box Sequence Generator has these features:

A side note, I also fixed the web site styling for folks still using IE 6; the site will look closer to how it looks on other browsers.

Please give the new Jump Box Sequence Generator a try and give me your feedback!

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