New Jump Box Sequence Generator

26 Oct 2010Steve Schwarz

One reason I created AgilityCourses was to have a place to experiment with software I’ve had in mind for generating practice courses and to do so in a way that works for home and mobile users.

After creating my Blank Course Generator I decided to rewrite my page for generating custom Jump Box drills Box/Hobday Box/Jump Box/Jump SquareDo It Yourself Box Jump SequencesDouble Box Sequence GeneratorDouble Box SequencesJump Box Drill GeneratorNew Jump Box Sequence GeneratorStar Box Sequence GeneratorStar Box SequencesJump Box DrillsThe Jump Box in Course Design.

The Box is a nice setup since it only takes four jumps and a small amount of space. But you can do a lot of handling with it. I wrote the generator because it generates sequences that you might not otherwise try, it is easy to get “stuck in a rut”. We tend to repeat the things we know and like instead of moving out of our comfort zone.

The NEW Jump Box Sequence Generator has these features:

A side note, I also fixed the web site styling for folks still using IE 6; the site will look closer to how it looks on other browsers.

Please give the new Jump Box Sequence Generator a try and give me your feedback!

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