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25 Feb 2010Steve Schwarz

I put this Jumpers and Weaves mini-course together at For Your Canine only minutes before class started; it contains a Box Box/Hobday Box/Jump Box/Jump SquareDo It Yourself Box Jump SequencesDouble Box Sequence GeneratorDouble Box SequencesJump Box Drill GeneratorNew Jump Box Sequence GeneratorStar Box Sequence GeneratorStar Box SequencesJump Box DrillsThe Jump Box in Course Design linked to a Pin Wheel a layout with a host of sequence possibilities. Here’s the course layout:

Some notes on handling obstacles 1-7, the corresponding diagram is below:

  • Handlers without a Lead Out or whose dogs are better motivated without a lead out might follow the blue path and Rear Cross Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross on the landing of jump 1 to turn their dog to jump 2.
  • Using the notion of Making the 2nd obstacle free the green line shows the handler leading out to the landing of jump 2 to the Front Cross Line Using the Handler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross LineHandler Line - Front/Rear/Blind Cross Line. This worked beautifully for many teams.
  • The blue path Rear Crosses again on the take off of jump 3 to turn the dog toward jump 4. Putting the Rear Cross on the landing side of jump 3 probably turns the dog more toward the correct side of the tunnel; but in practice it wasn't really necessary.
  • Green path handlers needed to Pull or use Lateral Motion to direct their dogs to the correct side of the tunnel.
  • For both approaches handlers were successful if they waited on the line from the tunnel to the weave entry and made eye contact/connected with their dogs to get them on a line to the weave entrance.
Handling Obstacles 1-7

Here are my thoughts on handling the remainder of the course

  • The blue path Shoulder Pulls the dog around 7-8 setting up for a rear cross that turns the dog in to start of the 270 Mr Peabody in UKC Bloodlines MagazineHandling 270 Degree Jump SequencesBack Side Entry to 270/Training Opportunity - Video270 Degree Jump Sequence.
  • The green path supports the dog with a left arm as the handler cuts to the Front Cross Line between jumps 8 and 9. The Front Cross turns the dog toward jump 9 and a Shoulder Pull Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn begins the 270.
  • The blue path then Shoulder Pulls the dog through the 270 (this works nicely for dogs that need help finding the back side of jump 10).
  • The green path handler supports the back side of jump 10 just long enough to help the dog and then Front Crosses on the landing side of jump 10 to complete the 270.
  • The blue path handler then Rear Crosses jump 11 to turn the dog onto the line toward the "obvious" side of the tunnel.
  • The green path handler pulls around to jump 11.
  • From there both handlers drive toward the tunnel entrance and take their dog to the weaves on their left.
Handling Obstacles 8-14

I think this course was a little daunting for some of the students but with a little analysis and practice they all did a wonderful job. I hope you have a chance to try it.

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