Dana Pike Course - Jan 1 2024

05 Jan 2024Steve Schwarz

Run this course! K9s In Motion, LLC - Dana Pike - designed a really fun and challenging course for us this past Wed night. I walked it with Snap! and Spark (still not running :( ) and we broke it up in sections so I could catch up with them. I should have taped it. Lots of handling options!

Dana Pike Course
Dana Pike Course

Here’s the link to Dana’s Post

Here’s my handling approach/notes:

  • Lead out to landing of 1 and as soon as you get the collected turn to the tunnel leave! Even walking I was able to go past the bottom end of the DW and get both boys turned to #3 tunnel.

  • Then it is a flick/RC/tandem turn or threadle wrap at a distance. That sets the line perfectly over 5 and to the back side of 6.

  • I then treated 7 as a threadle slice.

  • The tunnel/AF discrimination caught a lot teams - good practice.

  • 9-11 could be handled from either side/end of the weaves(!).

  • I pushed to back of 9 (as shown) and BC’d to put my dogs on my right.

  • Sent to weaves and then picked them up at the end of the weaves with a blind cross. That put my dog on my left to send to the back side of 11.

  • Watch the DW approach some dog came flying out of the tunnel.

  • I handled 15-18 with dog on left.

  • I cued 17 as a threadle wrap; though a threadle slice worked nicely too. Some folks crossed either side of 16 to put dog on right over 17 (with the dog path as shown).

  • If you have dog on left after 17 you could layer teeter all the way to 19.

Have fun, we did!

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