Mr. Peabody's Final Resting Place

19 Feb 2009Steve Schwarz

Mr Peabody died almost three years ago due to complications after surgery for cancer.

Nancy has been looking for just the right urn into which to put his ashes since then. There are all sorts of urns and boxes out there for people and animals but they were all either too stuffy or too tacky.

Then she saw some pottery by Jerry Rhodes from Colorado Springs that was really interesting. So she contacted Jerry about creating an urn for Mr. P. In fact he had already created an urn for one of his friend’s dog. He made two urns based on what Nancy liked and sent her the pictures:

Nancy liked them so much she bought them both.

The tops have three African porcupine quills on them, which is kind of fitting in a way. Mr. P certainly was an individual and he lived his life on his own terms, even if that meant he could be a little “prickly”. But if he liked you there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you. He was a wonderful dog.

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