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06 Nov 2009Steve Schwarz

As you know the “AgilityNerd Empire” (as coined by Lisa B) is my labor of love where I write about agility and play around with web software to demonstrate handling, training, and to help other agility enthusiasts “find dog agility on the web and near you”. Without you readers and commenters I wouldn’t get the click-treats (web site clicks too) that make this effort rewarding.

So I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who read this blog and especially those of you who have purchased products from CleanRun via the links on my websites. Also a big thanks to those who have clicked on the ChipIn link and donated directly via PayPal. We are all suffering in the current economy and I do appreciate your contributions to helping me keep the websites going.

I was reminded to thank you all when I received last quarter’s $100 referral check from CleanRun. It will help pay for the new laptop I had to buy. It replaces the one I’m using with the hole worn in the space bar (lots of typing!), a broken left mouse button (very irritating!), a display that wobbles on its supports and a 30 minute battery life :^) So a new cheap Dell arrived (no fancy MacBook for me) and once I put Windows 7 on it I’ll be good to go!

So thanks again and Run Fun!

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