Farewell Zamboni

28 Mar 2008Steve Schwarz

I received very sad news this past week and it has been hard for me to try to capture the right words. Our long time Flyball and Agility friends lost their heart dog, their once in a lifetime, special dog, Zamboni. He is to Tony, Kris and Anthony what our Mr Peabody was (and still is) to us. He is one of those dogs that always has a place in your heart.

Anthony and Zamboni:
Champions at the 1st AMBOR Nationals

I could try to regale you with the long list of titles Zamboni earned, I think he earned every title possible for a mixed breed dog. I know he excelled in every dog sport they tried. But he was so much more than those titles. He was so smart, athletic, friendly, and always eager to be involved.

When I was first learning agility I was hooked watching Anthony and Zamboni do their thing. It seemed there was no course at which he couldn’t excel. I remember running some class courses with Zami on those warm, sunny Saturday mornings almost ten years ago and being amazed at how he’d cover for my fledgling faults. What a great dog he must have been for Anthony to grow up with. Zami always had a new trick that Kris had just taught him.

Zami was on our flyball team too. He was speedy, steady, and anchored the team for many years. I’m afraid with his passing it is almost the end of an era, so many of those dogs are no longer with us.

Tony, Kris and Anthony have been blessed with some very special dogs, but with that blessing is the sadness that comes when they leave you. You are all in our hearts and Zamboni will always have a place there too.

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