Dana Pike Advanced Class Course

08 Dec 2004Steve Schwarz

Last week Dana Pike had us run a course that was renumbered and the obstacles slightly tweaked from the previous week’s course. Dana is really skilled at creating multiple challenging sequences on a course.

Unfortunately, I’m too busy to write up a full analysis of running the course. Here are some things Dana gave us to think about:

  • On the Lead Out don't hide the tunnel entrance from your dog.
  • Don't turn too quickly through the 270 Handling 270 Degree Jump SequencesBack Side Entry to 270/Training Opportunity - Video270 Degree Jump Sequence degree turn between jumps 3-4. Move at or a little faster than your dog's pace .
  • Like last week, give your dog enough strides out of the tunnel to get momentum up the A Frame.
  • Know what your dog needs from you to make the 180 degree weave entrance.
  • Short stride jump 11 or Pre-Cue the turn so your dog doesn't over jump - you want a tight wrap.
  • Consider how you want to handle the 12-13-14 PinWheel.
  • Jumps 14-15-16 can you get ahead of your dog and handle them all with your dog on your right? Run!

I really enjoyed the closing sequence. Any time I can get ahead of my dogs, it is great fun to watch them charge over the jumps with just a little bit of directional control on my part.

The course is shown below. Set it up and enjoy!

Course With Obstacle Numbers

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