"International" Threadle Sequence - With Video

12 Sep 2011Steve Schwarz

I received an email from an Italian agility enthusiast asking how I would handle a training exercise he had found. It was an interesting sequence in a couple areas. I particularly liked the challenge of going from a tunnel to the back side of a jump and into a three jump Threadle Mary Ellen Barry on Threadle HandlingTraditional Threadle HandlingSingle Sided Threadle HandlingThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesThreadle Sequence. So I set up the interesting part and shot some quick video. Here is the course setup:

Course Setup

Course Setup

The opening is straight forward. Looking at the course the weave, broad jump, jump to right of tunnel has two main solutions:

Handling the Weaves and One Threadle Solution

Handling the Weaves and One Threadle Solution

The key is getting lateral distance from the weaves and/or having independent weaves where the handler can get ahead of the dog in the weaves. This makes it possible to get in place for a Front Cross Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross. between 8 and 9. Alternately, a slight Shoulder Pull Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn should work just as nicely.

Coming out of the tunnel I only played around with handling solutions for 10-11-12 on the side away from the tunnel. The diagram above shows a solution where the handler takes the dog to the take off side of jump 10 on the handler’s right. Then the handler can either move backward into jump 10 or Front Cross and then cue the wrap by backing into jump 10. Then it is a Single Sided Threadle through 12.

Another couple solutions can be tried when the dog is taken through the gap between 10 and 11. It is only 6 feet wide so Meeker and I had some trouble; it was good Snooker practice. Here are some diagrams of two ways to do it that might make more sense once you view the video:

Other Threadle Solutions

Other threadle solutions

Lastly, here is some video showing our successful and unsuccessful attempts:

Don’t forget there are solutions where you stay on the tunnel side of the threadle… So set this up and give it a try!

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