Handler Focus/Holmberg Double Class Course

13 Mar 2015Steve Schwarz

I had two goals for the course I put together for my Open and Masters students: handler focus while moving past off course obstacles and experimenting with different handling options for a widely spaced Holmberg Double.

Here’s the course from my memory, as always adjust it for the safety of your dog in your space:

Full size course diagram

The Open students ran 1-17 and the Masters students ran it all and added the black 0 to have some speed coming in to the “double”. Here are some handling thoughts and challenges:

  • Probably want the dog turning to their left coming over jump 2 so they have a better line to 3 toward 4.
  • Dog on right 3-6. For a little more challenge can you cross before the weaves and handle weaves to tunnel with dog on left?
  • Front Cross Wrap 7 to take dog on left to the table.
  • How many ways can you cue a tight turn at 11? (we have a post to avoid on the way to 12).
  • Front Cross over 13 to tighten the turn to the tunnel.
  • Here's the fun part! You need to tighten up the dog's turn coming out of the tunnel to avoid the off course jump 9. They'll coming out fast. Can you Blind Cross on the approach to 15? For fast dogs it was easier to hustle to the landing of 15 and either Front or Blind.
  • Can you handle the approach to the weaves with the dog on either side of you? Rear Cross on the approach?
  • Basic serpentine 18-19 and drive forward dog on right to the tunnel at 20.

I hope you give this one a try. There were a lot of things to work on and play with!

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