Back Side/Back Side Jump

26 Dec 2010Steve Schwarz

Until recently, in the US Pushing a dog to the back side of a jump was rarely seen. But in the past couple years we are starting to see more Offset 180s and other “Back Side” sequences.

To me a Back Side sequence is where the dog has to be sent to the side of the obstacle that is not the side they see when they approach the obstacle. The diagram below shows examples of Back Side sequences and some handling approaches:

As shown by the green dog and handler paths in the center of the diagram a Shoulder Pull/Post Turn Learning the Post TurnPost Turn/Shoulder Pull/Pivot Turn can be used to keep the dog on the side of the handler away from the wrong side of the jump and then when the handler rotates the dog sees and takes the correct (back) side of the jump.

The bottom diagram shows using Front Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross and Rear Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross Crosses to turn the dog over the correct side of the jump once the dog and handler have passed the jump.

Here is some video from a recent Dana Pike class course where I used a Shoulder Pull and a Front Cross to turn Meeker over a back side jump on the way to the A Frame.

I’ve posted a number of additional articles and courses containing Back Side handling.

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