WAG AKC Trial: QQs, MX/MXJ and a Gift - Video

17 Jul 2012Steve Schwarz

I’ve always joked: “You need to actually enter/go to trials to earn Qs”. So I’ve signed up Meeker and me for four weekends in a row of trials. This past weekend we got in to the WAG AKC trial at a wonderful indoor soccer center only 30 minutes from my house. The WAG group runs trials very smoothly and they got all 250+ Excellent runs in both rings done around noon all three days. Heck I got my computerized results emailed to me around dinner timer on Sunday! Don’t think that ever happened before. Nice people in a nice facility. Flyer got to go too and meet some of his brother’s/sister’s human parents. Flyer was great in the crate and handled all the noise of a basketball tournament being played in the same building without any problems. He slept or chewed on his bone, when not schmoozing the other competitors.

I’m on the double Q quest for Meeker. We haven’t done much AKC so he had 5 QQs coming in to the trial. As I’ve mentioned I’m trying to insist on start line stays and good A Frame contacts in trial situations. Going for QQs makes that harder to do when you’ve already qualified in JWW before running Std. It is tempting to let your criteria slide to earn those QQs.

So here are our runs with some annotations on some of my handling choices and the gift we were given:

So I’m not happy that I didn’t mark Meeker missing that A Frame down contact; I’m also not crazy about getting a gift of a Q/QQ. But, in judged events, sometimes a call goes your way and sometimes it goes against you. All I can do is keep training so there won’t be a question in the future; “never make the judge think”.

Watching Meeker running on video always makes me think how he doesn’t look like he is moving very fast, he doesn’t have that scrambling on the ground kind of motion. But time-wise he is moving pretty fast. I’m very proud of my Meek.

So Happy MX/MXJ titles to Meeker - only 13 QQs to MACH… I’ll try to stop before class tonight and get some goodies for my students!

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