Mr. Peabody - Home and Getting Better

21 Jan 2005Steve Schwarz

They let us take Mr. Peabody home the same day as his surgery. I was kind of surprised to see him come marching out into the waiting room on leash almost as if he hadn’t just gone through surgery. He was pretty happy to see me and was making his little squeaking nervous/happy sound. He flopped down and received the petting that was his due…

For some reason almost his whole left rear was shaved including his underside. Of course he has a nice five inch Frankenstein-like scar along his hip. But the stitching is very nice and there is no bleeding or seepage.

The other noticeable thing is that his hip doesn’t bulge anymore. With the fur shaved off since his CT scan we were used to a slight bulge in his hip. Now that the tumor has been removed, he is just a scrawny butt dog. It is remarkable what that fur hides.

Yesterday and today Nancy noticed the underside of his leg has a growing red area. it started at about walnut size and is now quite large. After several discussions with the surgeon’s office, apparently this is normal and due to blood from the surgery migrating out of the muscle. It should stop growing in size and start shrinking in the next day or so.

I’ll be taking Mr. Peabody to the Eye doctor for his weekly eye pressure test later today. With all this tumor stuff taking over our thoughts we still have to keep an eye on his glaucoma. I really hope this stress on his system does adversely affect his eye pressure…

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