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21 Feb 2013Steve Schwarz

Meeker and I went to the Boone County Dog Sports USDAA trial this past Friday to take our first stab at Masters Challenge Standard and Jumpers. With the introduction of the Masters Challenge Biathlon at this year's Cynosport Games we needed a Masters Challenge Q to qualify for the Biathlon.

The judge was Francisco Berjon from Mexico. I really felt for him traveling to Wisconsin in February! It was a smaller trial with about 30-40 runs for each course and was run on turf at the Think Pawsitive facility in New Berlin, WI.

The real problem with Masters Challenge courses is USDAA’s rules don’t give many details on the challenges that are included and there are few example courses available on-line. I asked Francisco if I could post his courses here and he was happy to share them so other handlers could see some examples.

Here is the Standard course map. The course was built pretty close to the map - though I think the teeter was closer to the weaves. You can also compare the map to the video.

Masters Challenge Standard

Obstacle Legend

My video below has a regular and half speed video with annotation of my handling approach. The only other variations in handling this course were which way the dog was turned over jump 12. The main faults were:

  • Taking back side of 7A by not being deep enough on the cross after 6.
  • Off course to broad jump after 9.
  • Passing teeter up side.
  • Dogs touching A Frame after 17A.
  • Dogs in wrong side of tunnel after 17B.

Here’s the Jumpers course map:

Masters Challenge Jumpers

On this course the layout did differ from the course map: jump 3 was much closer to the weave entrance - turning dogs left over 3 put them past the weave entrance (as you’ll see in the video). Jumps 5-6-7 were more in a straight line, the angles on 7/8 were less sharp, the angle on 13a was less sharp - giving an easier approach to the Back Side Handling the Quad Back Side - Patrick Bucher Course/VideoThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesBack Side/Back Side JumpBack Side of Jump Handling Combinations - Video, lastly 19 was a little closer to 18.

The handling faults included:

  • Every possible off course/back jump at jump 3.
  • Missed weave entrances.
  • Assorted dropped bars at 5, 7, & 9.
  • Missing the back side of 13A, dropped bar, etc.
  • Taking jump 8 backward after 13B.
  • Dropped bar at 15.
  • Missing jump 19.

Here’s the video with slow motion and my play by play analysis of my handling:

Thanks to Emily and Dale for video taping our runs! I enjoyed running these courses and thanks again to Francisco for sharing them! It will be interesting to see how the difficulty and types of challenges in this class evolve over time.

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