More Handling Fun!

24 Sep 2014Steve Schwarz

Last night’s class had a number of skills packed into a single course; I put in: a 90 degree weave entry, a Pin Wheel, back side tunnel handling, a couple Serpentines Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence, a few tight Jump Wraps Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap, and an optional Back Side Handling the Quad Back Side - Patrick Bucher Course/VideoThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesBack Side/Back Side JumpBack Side of Jump Handling Combinations - Video for good measure. So less “international” than most of my recent class courses but there were opportunities to use some “Fancy Crap”.

Here’s the course with my handling notes right on it:

Class Course

Masters/Advanced Course diagram with handling notes.Obstacle Legend

I’d love to see your videos!

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