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29 Feb 2012Steve Schwarz

Here are the two Masters level full size sequences from my class at For Your K-9 and I’ve created four small space exercises based on them. Here’s the “appetizer” full sequence featuring Jump Wrap Jump Wrap Handling TipsJump Wrap Handling - With VideoJump Wrap/Wrap, Serpentines Serpentine Handling TechniquesSerpentine Sequence, and multiple handling options:

Here is the “main course” adding Back Side of Jumps Handling the Quad Back Side - Patrick Bucher Course/VideoThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesBack Side/Back Side JumpBack Side of Jump Handling Combinations - Video, Threadles Mary Ellen Barry on Threadle HandlingTraditional Threadle HandlingSingle Sided Threadle HandlingThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesThreadle Sequence, and some interesting lines:

If you don’t have room for the full courses here are four sequences based on the opening of the full course. In roughly increasing difficulty:

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