Advanced Class: Would You Be Skunked? - 18-Aug-2011

19 Aug 2011Steve Schwarz

Typically at least one of my Advanced (i.e. Masters/Excellent level) students gets through my class course with only a bobble or two (it may not be “beautiful”, as I like to say, but probably a Q). In fact I can’t remember the last time when none of them did! Well this week’s class course at For Your K9 “skunked” them all the first time through. Of course they shined on the next attempt. It is mostly about choosing the best side of some key obstacles for the handler and dog’s skills. Having good weave entry skills is helpful too! Would you be skunked?

Course Setup

Here are some quick notes on how you might handle it:

  • Dog on handler's right 1-2 Front Cross Learning the Front Cross - VideoFront Cross Jump Wrap 2.
  • Turn dog to their left over jump 4 with another FC Jump Wrap.
  • Handling 5 depends on which side of the weaves you want to be on. That depends on how you are going to handle 7-8 (thanks to Dana Pike for setting up 7-11 in her class the night before :^):
    • A lot of handlers thought they could handle the chute on their right and Push to the tunnel. That takes a handler who can really get ahead of their dog. Most handlers were not in a good position when their dogs were coming out of the chute. Many near collisions...
    • Handling chute on left meant you need to end up dog on left after the weaves.
  • So back to jump 5... here are some options:
    • Front Cross 5-6 (handle weaves on right) and then Front Cross 6-7 to have dog on left in the chute.
    • Shoulder Pull to Rear Cross 5-6 (handle weaves on right), this is a great training opportunity, and then Front Cross 6-7 to have dog on left in the chute.
    • Should Pull 5-6 and Push On The Last Weave Pole so dog stays on handler left all the way to the chute.
  • 8-9-10-11:
    • Handlers who could get ahead (send to the tunnel and GO!) could handle 9-10-11 akin to a Single Sided Serpentine with the dog on their right the whole way - is it worth the risk for the speed reward?
    • Turns out Rear Crossing Learning the Rear CrossRear Cross the approaches to 9 and 10 worked very nicely and got a good turn to the Dog Walk.
    • Front Cross the approach to 9 and Rear Cross the approach to 10.
  • Push to the Back Side Handling the Quad Back Side - Patrick Bucher Course/VideoThe Connection Between Threadles and Back SidesBack Side/Back Side JumpBack Side of Jump Handling Combinations - Video of 12 and Front Cross over the face of the jump. Could also Front cross on the take off side...
  • Jump 13:
    • Shoulder Pull 360 degrees the right upgright - puts dog on handler's left in to the tunnel and ahead for getting to 15-16.
    • Front Cross Jump Wrap the right upright (then you need to go Across the Feet/Rear Cross to 14 which puts you a little behind)
    • Turning the dog to their left over jump 13 is a possibility but is longer yardage.
  • Once the dog is committed to the tunnel don't need to go to the take off side of 15 at all! Get to the landing side of 15 and pick the dog up on the handler's right and just shoulder pull all the way to 18. Don't "dilly dally" :^)
  • Front Crossing 17 to 18 gave a better turn than the Rear Cross - you were ahead right?
  • Talk to the dog in the chute to get a tight turn to 19.
  • Another great place for a shoulder pull to rear cross weave entry - worked a treat!
  • With dog on right out of the weaves it is easy-peasy to the end.

Soooo would you be skunked on this one? Enjoy!

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